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360 Degree Access

DuraTech is Hallowell's newest line of pass-thru steel shelving requiring no cross braces allowing access from all sides while providing the maximum strength, durability, and stability needed to handle most industrial applications. DuraTech offers versatility and durability for today's modern facilities. Our complete line of shelving is designed and engineered to the highest standards.

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  • Access from all 4 sides
  • Top and bottom firmly attached with steel-grip nuts for superior strength
  • Available in 5, 7 and 8 shelf models
  • Four Angle Posts are used per section allowing units to be individually located, bolted side-by-side or bolted back-to-back.
  • Each intermediate shelf uses four sturdy and compact clips
  • Clips key firmly into post slots to hold shelves securely in place
  • Provides independent positioning of intermediate shelves on 1-1/2" centers
  • Bottom shelf is positioned to prevent debris from collecting beneath unit



All units Include: Four angle posts, two DuraTech bolt-in shelves to be used at the unit top and bottom and intermediate adjustable shelves with shelf clips applicable to unit ordered. All DuraTech shelving units are free standing and can be joined end-to-end or back-to-back.


Top and Bottom Shelves:

Top and bottom shelves attach with bolts at each corner providing a strong and rigid structure.


Fixed Bottom Shelf

Bottom shelf is positioned to prevent the collection of debris.


Steel Grip Nut

Top and bottom firmly attached with steel-grip nuts for superior strength.

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SKU Widthsort descending Height Depth Number of Shelves
DT5510-12 36 87 12 5
DT5510-24 36 87 24 5
DT5512-18 36 87 18 7
DT5513-12 36 87 12 8
DT5513-24 36 87 24 8
DT5510-18 36 87 18 5
DT5512-12 36 87 12 7
DT5512-24 36 87 24 7
DT5513-18 36 87 18 8
DT5710-18 48 87 18 5
DT5712-12 48 87 12 7
DT5713-18 48 87 24 8
DT5710-24 48 87 24 5
DT5712-18 48 87 24 7
DT5713-12 48 87 12 8

Angle Back and T-Posts

  • Roll formed into a unique shape for maximum strength
  • The long leg is punched on 1-1/2" centers to allow independent shelf adjustment
  • Angle Posts can be used in place of Beaded Front Posts if desired

One Piece Shelf Clip

  • Each shelf requires four of these sturdy and compact clips
  • Clips key firmly into post slots to hold shelves securely in place
  • Fits Beaded Front, Angle Back Posts, and T-Posts
  • Provides independent shelf positioning on 1-1/2" centers
  • Non-intrusive clip sits flush with inside edge of front posts 

Heavy-Duty Intermediate Shelves

  • Tubular flange front and rear for greater strength
  • Exclusive triple bend side flanges for added strength
  • Lapped and welded corners
  • Available in three load capacity classes up to 48" wide spans and 36" depths
  • Top of shelf is punched to accept shelf dividers
  • Uses four one-piece shelf clips per shelf

Beaded Front Posts

  • Triple-flanged at all four sides for maximum rigidity, durability, and stability
  • Bottom shelf is positioned to close space to floor preventing debris from collecting beneath
  • Bolted to angle posts at all four corners using special bolts and steel-grip nuts preventing unit sway without the use of intrusive sway bracing for complete 4-sided access.