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Body Contruction
Twin-Framed All-Welded
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Secure Air Flow
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Continuous Hinge
European Syle Cabinet Hinges
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Deep-Drawn Stainless Steel
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Cold Roll Sheet Steel
Galvanneal Corrosion Resistant
High Density Polyethylene Plastic
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    Aquamax Plastic Lockers



Plastic Z-Tier Lockers
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Solid Plastic Lockers are perfect for use in wet environments such as showers, pools and the outdoors.

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Aquamax Solid Plastic Lockers are Ideal for applications where high humidity, moisture and water are present. Plastic lockers are fabricated from solid high density polyethylene panels (HDPE) for maximum strength and durability while providing corrosion resistance to most common chemicals.


• Scratch Resistant
• Corrosion Resistant 
• Impact and dent resistant
• Easy to clean
• Mildew and odor resistant
• Graffiti resistant (pencil, pen, paint and most common markers)
• Chemical Resistant


  • BODY CONSTRUCTION: Corrosion Proof High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), frame with 3/8" thick body panels
  • BODY STYLES: Single, double, triple, six tier and z-tier
  • HINGES: heavy-duty continuous full height extruded aluminum with a powder-coat finish to match color of door
  • HANDLE (WARDROBE): Projecting solid plastic handle with lift-type latching
  • HANDLE (BOX): Single-point thru-the-door projecting friction catch door pull with padlock hasp
  • SHELVES: Hat shelf is included in single tier lockers.
  • HOOKS: 2 single-prong hooks in single and double tier lockers.

Key Design Features of AquaMax Lockers

  • Mortise and Tenon construction provides superior strength with stainless steel fasteners to hold the locker together, no plastic welds or butt joints
  • Full overlay design of the locker, similar to a European design cabinet. “Look, no face frame”
  • No face frame allows for full entry into the locker.
  • Door sits away from the box of the locker creating “perimeter ventilation” the need for slots or vents in the door are eliminated as it creates 7 times the amount of ventilation than a typical metal locker. However holes can be added to the locker door to create additional ventilation.
  • Ventilation holes are built into the locker box surfaces to allow air flow through the locker.
  • Hinge side panel leaf is connected to the entire length of the locker side panel. It is also trapped in place by the shelves, top and bottom of the locker.
  • Hinge wraps around the door which captures the door on three sides. The screws are tri-lobular which bite into the poly material. No need for inserts.
  • Hinge is made of 1/16” aluminum that is powder coated and has a 1/8” diameter stainless steel pin. The segments of the hinge are separated by two poly bearings that allow the hinge to swing smoothly.
  • Latching mechanism is a multi point latching system. The latching bars are engaged into the locker side panel. The second is the hasp bar is attached to the side of the locker, not the back of the door. This creates TWO locking systems in one.
  • Doors will close without the need of having to lift the handle on the front of the door. Our doors can be pushed shut.
  • Adjustable mounting feet will allow the lockers to be installed on a base that can be fitted to the room. There is an 1 ½” of adjustment, from 4” to 5 ½”.
  • Lockers can be fitted with a sloped top, even after the installation is completed.
  • Lockers are modular which allows the room to be reconfigured. It also allows different combinations of lockers to be installed side by side.


Plastic Stock Lockers
Plastic Stock Lockers
Plastic Stock Lockers
Plastic Stock Lockers
Plastic Stock Lockers - 3 Tier - Deep Blue
Plastic Stock Lockers


All Taupe or Taupe body with Blue doors, 12x18x72 single, double, triple, six and Z-tier configurations.


Width             9”, 12” 15”, 18”
Depth              12”, 15”, 18”
Height             60”, 72”



Plastic locker configurations



Colors for Plastic Lockers

*colors are an approximation and not an exact match


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General: Lockers shall be AQUAMAX HDPE Solid Plastic Wardrobe and Box Lockers as manufactured by Art Metal Products or approved equal.  HDPE (high-density polyethylene) shall be of uniform color and texture. Fabricate lockers square, rigid and without warp. Lockers constructed of other materials, including materials with a core and not of solid plastic, will not be acceptable.  Locker units will ship factory pre-assembled.

Lockers shall be GREENGUARD Gold Certified SM.

Color:  Door and accessory color to be selected from manufacturer's standard list of colors.  Body components shall be white in color for production lockers.

Doors: Shall be fabricated of 1/2” thick HDPE.  Doors shall be the full width of the locker and shall be frameless, allowing access to the entire width of the locker.  Framed doors are unacceptable.  Plain doors with perimeter ventilation shall provide ventilation properties superior to that of traditional framed doors.

Body: Sides, tops, bottoms, back, and shelves shall be made from high impact, high density, polyethylene (HDPE) 3/8" thick and shall be white in color.  Body incorporates mortise and tenon construction and shall be mechanically fastened together with stainless steel fasteners.

Latch Assembly: The latching mechanism for wardrobe doors 20” high and higher shall be lift control type. Latching is achieved using an activation bar and multiple slide bars made of the same of similar materials as the locker body and doors and an additional 11 gauge type 304 stainless steel hasp mounted to the locker body that protrudes through door and aligns with lift handle.  Box lockers 18” high and under include a single-point thru-the-door finger pull with 11 gauge type 304 stainless steel padlock hasp. All doors are prepared for use with a padlock.

Wardrobe Door Handle:  Shall be made of injection molded HDPE or similar material and shall have an antimicrobial efficacy rating of 4.0 or greater.  Handle shall move up and down in a vertical movement and shall require less than 5 lbs. of lifting force to operate in accordance with ADA requirements.

Hinges: Shall be heavy-duty continuous full height extruded aluminum with a powder coating to match the locker door color. Hinge knuckles shall be separated with two nylon washers.  Hinges shall be fasted to door and body with theft proof stainless steel fasteners.

Accessories:  Slope top, end panels, fillers and base shall be manufactured of the same color, thickness and HDPE material as the locker doors.

Equipment: Furnish each locker with the following items, unless otherwise noted:

  • Single tier locker openings 60” and 72” high shall include one hat shelf and two single prong hooks fabricated of 11 gauge type 304 stainless steel attached to locker body with theft proof stainless steel hardware
  • Double tier locker openings 30” and 36 high and Z-tier locker openings shall include two single prong hooks fabricated of 11 gauge type 304 stainless steel attached to locker body with theft proof stainless steel hardware
  • Locker openings 24” high and under shall not include  hooks
  • All lockers shall include an engraved aluminum number plate fastened to the door with theft proof fasteners

20-Year Warranty: Art Metal Products AQUAMAX Plastic Lockers are covered against all defects in materials and workmanship excluding damage resulting from deliberate destruction and vandalism under this section for a period of 20 years.


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